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Representatives of CUSA, as well as President Deborah L. Cannon, are experienced and qualified to serve as expert witnesses, keynote speakers, and speak on symposium panels to discuss various real estate and management topics. Past speaking engagements have included:

  • IMN Bank and Financial Institutions Special Asset Executive Conference on Real Estate Workouts in Texas and Florida
  • 21st Century marketing/Basic Selling Techniques
  • Total Guest/Member Experience
  • Court Testimony Expert Witness Sampling:
  • United States Bankruptcy Court in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Circuit Court of the 5th Judicial Circuit in Hernando County, Florida
  • Circuit Court of the 12th Judicial Circuit in Will County, Illinois
  • National Sunday School HD Conference in Georgia
  • United States Division of the Christian Camping International in Colorado
  • International Conference of Camps and Conference Centers in Maryland
  • Training Sessions: Asset Managers in Kansas, Dallas, and Georgia