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CUSA, LLC provides a full spectrum of property management services to owners, investors, asset
management firms and lenders of all sizes of multi-family/apartment properties. We have combined our diverse, extensive 40 years of experience in property management and sales and marketing, applying the same solid processes and principals that have brought superior turnaround success for distressed hospitality assets, and carved our own niche in the re-positioning of multi-family properties. In transitioning into the multi-family market, we solidified our executive team to include key employees who have been involved in multi-family real estate investments, accounting and finance, asset management, renovations and operations encompassing over 25,000 multi-family units.

We are a nationwide management company for the specific reason of satisfying our clients growing needs. Over the last 40 years, we have developed strong relationships of trust and communication with our clients, this is a priceless value for the type of clients we manage for. Each has unique requirements and diverse portfolios which stretch across the United States. Knowing our quality people, proven systems and positive success rates, our clients are able to turn over any of their assets to us to renovate, reposition and manage without hesitation or valuable time delay in transition.

Experience, Expertise, Integrity

Understanding each clients vision and unique property’s short and long term goals, Our experienced transition team creates a comprehensive approach which encompasses all facets of the operation, maximizing the properties full potential and creating a turnaround success of the underachieving property.

  • Full cost analysis, with return on investment and competitive positioning of product improvement plans.
  • Post Transition Assessment Plan within 30 days of property takeover.
  • SWAT team direct sales & marketing – which includes aggressive, immediate action items to jump start and maintain an ongoing, strong presence in the marketplace.
  • Licensed Agents who understand fair housing and landlord/tenant laws, state requirements and codes.
  • Review, Hire and Train staff- Understand all areas of operations.
  • Property income collection- Rents, Deposits, late fees and vending fees.
  • Lease Management.
  • Programs to Obtain and Retain Quality tenants- decrease turnover costs and vacancies.
  • Active and ongoing preventative maintenance.
  • Advanced public relations and community involvement; which places us first in our communities and first in customer referrals.
  • Excellent web based financial systems and timely accounting.
  • Understand class levels of renovations- Match property to the market in which it is located.
  • Relationships with local and national vendors for renovation projects- Licensed, insured, quality work, decreased unit turn time, discounts on materials.
  • Immediate review of property for tenant safety and owner liability issues.
  • Review of property inventory- specific attention to product code violations.
  • Tenant Retention Program to create positive tenant relationships through communication and prompt responses to needs.
  • 24/7/365 emergency contact and response team.
  • Scheduled and Random property inspections by Corporate Staff.
We have performed receivership/management for the FDIC and multiple lenders across the US including in the state of NY for mixed use and multi-family properties.
STABILIZE the property as quickly as possible, GROW the revenue to show upward patterns and trends, MAXIMIZE profitability- controlling expenses and growing net operating income and SELLthe asset as cost effectively as possible.

Asset Rehabilitation and Repositioning- Enhance the property’s value to produce high yield returns for investors and lenders.