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CUSA is a licensed brokerage firm and Deborah L. Cannon-Taylor is the managing Broker.  She is a licensed broker in the state of Georgia with reciprocal licensing in other states.  CUSA uses this specialty to the advantage of its clients, in that CUSA is able to offer representative services to their clients in the selection, purchase and review of hotel properties, land and other opportunities.

We offer a distinct advantage to our clients that we view properties from an operator’s perspective and can assist in all facets of the purchase.  Always working to the advantage of our clients.

We also serve as a certified Receiver and have written into the Receivership Order, where applicable, the ability to sell the note or asset.  Not all Receivers have this ability.  We also work with and have excellent relationships with many of the major hotel/commercial brokerage firms to select, negotiate and secure the most advantageous listings for the asset.

Firm Number: H-57139
678-903-0400  ext 202

Deborah L. Taylor
Broker ~ Georgia License Number 335250

Paul M. Ehrlich
Associate Broker ~ Georgia License Number 242085

Dante Mancini
Real Estate Agent ~ Georgia License Number 379254