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Many of our top-performing properties were once distressed assets facing foreclosure or bankruptcy. We have a proven track record for turning around non-performing assets through multiple real estate sectors, including hotels, mixed use facilities, multi-family units, retail centers, and office buildings. We do this by:

  • Developing strategies to provide highest returns for the asset.
  • Creating a short-term hold strategy – optimizing selling price
  • Creating a long-term strategy – optimizing operating returns, enhancing the value of the property
  • Repositioning, branding assessment, and selection
  • Turning around distressed assets and helping them return to profitability

CUSA has developed two outstanding resources for banks and asset management firms to assist them in analyzing and understanding their assets, either before they possess them or directly after. They include our Operational Site Analysis (which is done in advance of foreclosure or receivership action) and the Post Transition Assessment Plan (which is completed within 30 days of transition). These two documents are excellent resources that provide the lender with a full understanding of the current status of the property along with a full plan of action to handle the challenges quickly and effectively.

Operational Site Analysis Summary: Detailed Site Visitation and Analysis prior to action being taken by Lender. Analysis completed on physical plant, franchise – QA scores, outstanding issues, STR/Market analysis, sales & marketing review, accounts receivable/payable to review, property tax review, human resources, etc – and gives a recommendation to Lender as to potential next steps. This can also be an excellent resource when pursuing a receivership appointment.

Post Transition Assessment Plan: Detailed analysis of where the property currently is and what immediate action steps will be taken in the next 90 days to reach the goals of the financial institution. This includes information such as: life safety, operations, sales & marketing, human resources, accounts payable, cash flow, franchise and capital requirements. This will be completed within 30 days of transition of management.

Expert Witness/Consulting

CUSA serves as an expert witness and as a consultant to banks, financial institutions, and asset managers.


CUSA provides training sessions for asset managers throughout the country. Some of our clients include Midland Loan Services, Cohen Financial, and Berkadia.