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  • Competency – Job tasks are completed at the highest level of performance.
  • Teamwork – Everyone works together to satisfy the needs of people were serve and the goals of the company.
  • Fair Play – Rules and policies must be fairly applied throughout the organization.
  • Efficiency – We complete all tasks with the best desired effects or results while minimizing time and cost.
  • Candor – An opportunity exists for everyone to provide honest feedback and professionally share opinions and ask questions.
  • Professionalism – We believe in the standing practice and methods of professional people giving professional service. We are courteous, kind, and caring and always deliver on our promises.
  • Integrity – We perform our job in the best interest of the company and our guests. We will refrain from “politics” or actions that are solely in our own self-interest, harms another person, or adversely affects our company
  • Quality – We must have standards to achieve, that constantly brings us back into focus. Do it right the first time