5 Key Reasons Your Hotel Is Not Performing At Its Full Potential

//5 Key Reasons Your Hotel Is Not Performing At Its Full Potential

5 Key Reasons Your Hotel Is Not Performing At Its Full Potential

Every hotel owner faces the challenge of staying ahead of or with their competitive set.
But what are the factors that may lead to falling performance? Today Debbie will tackle 5.

The number one challenge but much can be done to overcome. CUSA been brought on to help build exposure and awareness campaigns that have helped our clients get past the challenge of a less then optimal location

Someone has to say it. Is your current management up to the task? Management makes all the difference in focus, planning, execution, and accountability. For over 30 years CUSA has led the charge in ensuring the hotels we work with have the most effective management in place to exceed the objectives of the owner

Sales cannot be an afterthought or a non-essential. Even with a good location, hotels without a “TRUE SALES” focus may not achieve their full potential. CUSA has been instrumental in providing our clients with a proven and tailored sale/marketing plan. Whether your hotel has a dedicated sales person(s) or not, we train with an emphasis on EVERYONE SELLS. Working with your team to develop direct sales efforts and focus on the little things that lead to repeat business and business referral, CUSA clients lead their markets in ADR and Occupancy.

Your employees are a big part of your product. You would not want to have any items in your hotel that did not fit with the overall product you are trying to market, same goes for a non-motivated wrong skill set employee. People are the number one resource of the hotel, they will make or break operational performance and directly impact your quality scores. CUSA works to ensure the proper skill sets are in place to maximize the performance of each position. Hiring wisely, training effectively, and encouraging appropriately are keys to good employee morale and retention.

5.OWNERSHIP NOT FOCUSED ON RESULTS, TOO INVOLVED IN PUTTING OUT FIRES. Ownership must be wise in how their time is used. If an owner is too involved in day to day operation, they can lose their ability to globally direct. An effective owner best uses their time and talents to oversee the big picture, leave the details to management. CUSA puts in place a structure and serves as subject matter experts developing and implementing budgets, marketing plans, strategic plans, goals, and objectives, reporting and brand relations, all under the approval process of the owner serving in their proper role, CEO.

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