Task Force General Manager’s – Several Locations throughout the United States – requires extensive travel, both limited service and full-service branded hotel properties.

//Task Force General Manager’s – Several Locations throughout the United States – requires extensive travel, both limited service and full-service branded hotel properties.

Task Force General Manager’s – Several Locations throughout the United States – requires extensive travel, both limited service and full-service branded hotel properties.



BASIC FUNCTION:      Responsible for the direct management and supervision of the hotel through guidance and leadership of each department manager and line level staff. To nurture a well-trained staff to produce the highest volume of sales and affect the greatest profit while maintaining a high degree of public satisfaction, confidence and prestige in the service and quality of items sold while using the highest ethical standards. To follow and incorporate all company policies and procedures. To maintain the building and inventories in the best condition commensurate with budget limitations. To remain competitive in every area and to produce and achieve budgetary goals.

To supervise and participate in the operations of the property in order to achieve the desired sales and profit goals while managing personnel. To deal with guests, potential guests/visitors and community leaders. To maintain the highest ethical standards of operations, quality of services and facilities for the property. To develop a well trained staff with high morale and loyalty. To perform your job duties in a professional and ethical manner at all times.


  1. Ensure that quality services are rendered by each department in meeting guest needs, and that good guest relations are enhanced.
  2. Coordinates and supervises the various departments to ensure an environment in which high standards of comfort, service and quality exist for our guests.
  3. Budget Management: Supervises and assists in preparation and approves all sales and profit budgets.
  4. Sales: Sell potential guests both within the property and outside the property. Meets and greets Convention officers and other VIP’s. Directs the Sales Management of the hotel.
  5. Maintains proper employer/employee relations.
  6. Adheres and implements all company policies and procedures.
  7. Follows direction from CUSA corporate counterpart. Ensures professional and ethical verbal and written communication at all times with CUSA corporate, hotel staff and Ownership.
  8. Adheres to professional dress code, working hours and clearly follows and implements CUSA employee policies and procedures as outlined in both the employee handbook and the HR policies and procedures manual.
  9. Conducts performance evaluations for all department heads.
  10. Ensures property compliance with all health, fire/safety, OSHA and ADA regulations.
  11. Maintains personnel files and records in compliance with all state and federal laws and company policies and procedures.
  12. Property Inspections: Inspects the property daily for proper guest room, function room and public room set-ups; maintenance of all areas, service and employee performance.
  13. Issues instructions to correct or improve physical plant or employee performance.
  14. Analyzes operations and meets with key department heads daily to review operations and receive their suggestions.
  15. Selects and trains department heads and keeps them informed of company policies; observes their performance and replaces them if not performing above standard. Maintains professional communication at all times.
  16. Works with department heads and employees directly in correcting any severe personnel problems. Follows all employee discipline and progressive discipline procedures.
  17. Participates and directs scheduled internal meetings such as, sales, forecast, quality control, food and beverage, accounting, department head, safety meetings etc. as time permits.
  18. Ensure property compliance with all reporting requirements and prepares monthly highlights.
  19. Checks property and equipment and, after analyzing, submits annual or emergency project budgets or initiates purchase order work contracts or work orders to improve property’s appearance or improve the efficiency of the mechanical operations.
  20. Studies and analyzes employee workloads from which staffing guides are established and approved. Maintains daily check on payroll performance to pars and takes affirmative action to correct high payroll costs.
  21. Approves all overtime, both before and after in the case of an  emergency or unscheduled requirement.
  22. Ensures proper paperwork and appropriate individuals are notified in case of employee or guest incident.
  23. Checks controls and approves all property expenses.
  24. Inspects areas and implements action to insure the safety and comfort from fire, injury or illness from unsafe or unsanitary conditions of all guests and employees.
  25. Approves all requisitions for purchases of all items other than food and beverage.
  26. Obtains current information of room rates, menu prices, physical conditions, promotions programs and quality of personnel of competitors so that action may be taken to improve the competitiveness and salability of the property.
  27. Reviews all significant items with the President of Operations or other corporate executives for information purposes, policy decisions, or assistance requests.
  28. Responsible for maintaining high employee morale and a well-trained, high quality staff who are properly compensated.
  29. Directly responsible for all products, inventory and consumable items used in the property and the proper preparation and use consistent with the property’s cost objectives.
  30. Directly and indirectly responsible for all property equipment, building and furnishings.
  31. Directly and indirectly responsible for all revenues, accounts receivables and maximum efficient utilization of these revenues.
  32. Actively participates in business, community and civic affairs promoting the hotel in the local area.
  33. Responsible for forecasting and budgeting annually, as well as developing and monitoring of business plans.
  34. All Task Force Managers are required to follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the employee handbook. As this position is a live on-site position, the following is also mandated in addition to those policies outlined in the employee handbook and includes but is not limited to: No drinking in public areas on property, personal time and time off are to be approved in advance by the corporate office, absolutely no guest fraternization or employee fraternization, no firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed, use of hotel amenities and guests on property are to be approved in advance of assignment by corporate office.
  35. Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.
  36. Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with established company policies and procedures to achieve the overall objectives of this position.
  37. Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other company employees to foster and promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate
  38. At all times projects a favorable image of CUSA, LLC and the Hotel to the public, ownership and associates.

Skills Needed

  1. Excellent speech communication skills required to converse with guests and associates.
  2. Ability to perform critical analysis.
  3. Ability to manage extensive amounts of information and provide constructive feedback and/or direction.
  4. Excellent written, spoken and presentation skills.
  5. Considerable ability to listen effectively.
  6. Ability to work effectively both independently and as a team.
  7. Ability to delegate, manage and organize complex projects and establish priorities consistent with department, hotel and Company objectives.
  8. Ability to effectively communicate and deal with department heads, customers and team members; some of whom may require high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy.
  9. Ability to manage multiple projects; meet and work effectively under time and resource constraints.
  10. Ability to effectively lead a team of professionals.


  1. Education:    Four year college degree or equivalent education/experience required. 
  2. Experience:   Five (5) years of hotel experience required.  Must possess a proven track record of success in achieving revenue objectives; proven ability to recruit, motivate and train a sales team.

physical Abilities

  1. Lifting – up to 25 lbs. issuing supplies, inventory, receiving supplies, organizing, etc.
  2. Pushing – limited; Pulling – limited
  3. Carrying – up to 25 lbs. issuing supplies, inventory, receiving supplies, organizing, etc.
  4. Mobility – continuous movement throughout the hotel.
  5. Hours:  40-50 hours over a five day period; scheduled days and times may vary based on need.

Material/Equipment Used

  1. Chemicals/Agents used:  Cleaning chemical agents, Liquid Paper Correction Fluid
  2. Operation of telephone, calculator, copy machine, pager, computer, computer printer


Office environment, weather exposure when making sales calls

I have received a copy of my job description and agree with and fully understand the responsibilities for the position.

– Employees are held accountable for all duties of job –

Candidates can email their resumes to Melissa Mancini at mmancini@1cusa.com

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